Water Heaters

Yearly Maintenance Savings

Shipton's recommends having yearly maintenance performed on your heating and cooling equipment. This maintenance can save you from costly breakdowns and uncomfortable temperatures in your home. Check out our annual plans for more savings, or book your appointment now.

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An endless supply of hot water, whenever you need it, even for multiple tasks at the same time. Tankless Water Heaters revolutionize comfort, energy efficiency and convenience.

Enjoy fresh, hot water at your fingertips. Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters deliver an endless supply of hot water whenever you need it. Shower, wash dishes, and do laundry at the same time without running out.

Rinnai Condensing Tankless Water Heaters were the first to use a unique Concentric Polypropylene Venting System - a single vent assembly option featuring an inner tube for exhaust and an outer tub for fresh air from outdoors. The result is a direct-vent, sealed combustion system that offers optimum safety and performance. In addition to Concentric Polypropylene, Rinnai offers a venting solution for PVC/CPVC with the new Ubbink Concentric to PVC Twin Pipe Adaptor. Multiple venting options allow for an installation of total convenience.


Rinnai Hot Water HeatingRinnai Ultra Series

energy star

The Ultimate in Efficiency.

The Ultra Series, with integrated condensing technology, is ideal for residential and commercial applications and can be banked together for even greater capacity. In addition to our concentric polypropylene venting, using the Ubbink Concentric to Twin Pipe adaptor, Rinnai Ultra Series Condensing Tankless Water Heaters can be vented using PVC/CPVC. Multiple venting options allow for an installation of total convenience.


RU98e (REU-KB3237WD-US) Ultra 199,000 Outdoor
RU80e (REU-KB2530WD-US) Ultra 152,000 Outdoor
RU98i (REU-KB3237FFUD-US) 199,000 Indoor
RU80i (REU-KB2530FFUD-US) Ultra 152,000 Indoor


Rinnai Luxury Series

energy star


Award-Winning Performance.

The Luxury Series offers a sleek, modern design and benefits to fully satisfy the demands of larger homes.

 Model Max BTU Installation
RL94i (REU-VC2837FFUD-US) Luxury
199,000 Indoor
RL75i (REU-VC2528FFUD-US) Luxury 180,000 Indoor
RL94e (REU-VC2837WD-US) Luxury 199,000 Outdoor
RL75e (REU-VC2528WD-US) Luxury 180,000 Outdoor


Rinnai Value Series

energy star

Confidence Meets Affordability.

The Value Series is the perfect combination of comfort and value that's ideal for medium-to-smaller-sized new homes or remodels and warmer climates.

Model Max BTU Installation
V75i (REU-VC2528FFU-US) Value 180,000 Indoor
V75e (REU-VC2528W-US) Value 180,000 Outdoor
V65e (REU-VC2025W-US) Value 150,000 Outdoor
V65i (REU-VC2025FFU-US) Value 150,000 Indoor
V53e (REU-VAM1620W-US) Value 120,000 Outdoor