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Shipton's AC Furnace Combo Deals
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The need for both a high quality air conditioner and furnace is important in Southern Ontario. With the paired effects of the intense summer heat and long, frigid winters, the logical solution would be to install both a heating and cooling system in your home. The problem is, which is a higher priority during the intense seasonal changes in Canada?

Fortunately, Shipton’s Heating and Cooling in Hamilton offers a COMBO deal - combining the need for both a high functioning air conditioner and furnace in order to provide our clients with an easy solution to both problems!

Not only does this COMBO deal allow for your home to be well prepared for the fluctuating and unpredictable temperatures of our area - especially in and around Lake Ontario - but it also allows for your home’s heating and cooling to operate at maximum energy efficiency! Our packaged combo systems work together at matched overall performance, thus providing the best heating and cooling results!

Besides the key features of maximum energy efficiency, there is also the added benefit that installing both systems simultaneously will only result in one installation bill! This means that our clients receive the benefits of both an A/C and furnace system with the cost of only one service call! Shipton’s ensures that your energy efficiency is maximized while your time and cost is as low as possible! 


What Are the Benefits Of A Matching Furnace And A/C System

Are you ready to learn more about Shipton’s crazy COMBO deal? 

  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Cost Efficiency 
  • Time Efficiency 
  • Improved Overall Performance 
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint 
  • Improved Air Quality 
  • Lower Cost 
  • Combined Installation 
  • One Service Agreement 

What Are The Financial Benefits of A Matching Furnace And A/C System

At Shipton’s Heating and Cooling, we provide a simpler solution to your heating and cooling needs while also saving you money!

  • Less Paperwork 
  • One Installation Fee
  • Joint Financing 
  • Joint Maintenance
  • Joint Warranties 


Shipton's A/C And Furnace Combo Packages

Below are our available A/C and furnace COMBO packages...


Modulating ECM Gas Furnace

  • Up to 97% AFUE Performance 
  • Efficient And Quiet Variable-Speed
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Modulating Gas Valve
  • Outstanding Warranty Protection 

Up To 18 SEER Two Stage Air Conditioner

  • R-419A Refrigerant 
  • Exo-Friendly
  • Two-Speed Quiet Condenser 
  • Two-Stage Compressor



Two Stage, Variable Speed ECM Gas Furnace 

  • Up To 96% AFUE Performance 
  • Quiet Variable-Speed Circulator Motor 
  • Two Stage Gas Valve 
  • Energy Star Certified

Up To 16 SEER Two Stage Air Conditioner 

  • R-410A Refrigerant 
  • Eco-Friendly 
  • Quiet Operation 
  • Reduce Energy Cost



Two Stage, Multi-Speed ECM Gas Furnace

  • Up To 96% AFUE Performance 
  • Multi-Speed ECM Blower Motor 
  • Two Stage Gas Valve 
  • Energy Star Certified

Up To 13 SEER Air Conditioner 

  • R-410A Refrigerant 
  • Eco-Friendly 
  • Quiet Operation


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Whether you need to replace your old furnace and air conditioner, or install an entirely new system, Shipton’s COMBO package is the perfect solution! We only provide the highest quality products installed by our qualified technicians. Not only will you be completely comfortable with your temperature controlled home, but you will also feel safe knowing that your trusted technicians installed your systems correctly. 

Our guarantees are designed to provide you with confidence in our services and products, because YOUR comfort and satisfaction is our top priority at Shipton’s Heating and Cooling. 

*Note: Air Quality will be improved with purchase of duct cleaning, UV filtration, or upgraded Media filter. Air quality is improved by cleaning the existing ductwork or upgrading filtration and not normally by replacing the furnace and A/C systems alone


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